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Satori is always on hyper-alert for any kind of scam and Satori is ISO certified for Information Security as we deal in highly sensitive and large amounts of data. Satori has many layers in place to protect our security of information, including regular talks and a chat channel about Scams and the many ways they present themselves. This includes a section of our monthly company update where our CEO, Gavin Steinberg, reviews the latest scams that our team encounters, especially phishing style scams in their inboxes.

This openness and discussion about preventing scams and scammers is encouraged by ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard  “The more we talk about scams, the more awareness we have, and the harder it is for scammers to steal our money or personal information,” Ms Rickard said.

To read more of the official release about
‘Stop scams. Speak up’ – Scams Awareness Week 2021 Read Here

Scams Awareness Week is a national campaign by the Scams Awareness Network, a group of Australian and New Zealand government agencies with responsibility for consumer protection and policing in scams, cyber safety and fraud.

The network aims to reduce the impact of scams by raising awareness and encouraging the public to talk about scams and report them. Each year, Scams Awareness Week has a different focus and is delivered in collaboration with large range of partners (including government, industry, consumer groups, and small businesses).

Scam Facts 

Statistics – 1 January to 17 October

  • There have been 242,000 reports to Scamwatch this year, up 50 per cent compared to the same period last year.
  • Losses have increased by 87 per cent to $236 million.
  • Scams originating over the phone have increased by 74 per cent to almost to 126,000 reports.
  • The highest losses have been reported for investment scams (up 160 per cent to $121 million); dating and romance scams ($39 million); false billing scams ($13 million) and remote access scams ($12 million).
  • Top scams reported are phishing (59,491); threat-based scams (35,351) and identity theft (19,154).
  • Global Financial Crime is said to amount to US$1.4 trillion – US$3.5 trillion annually.

No organisation is safe as scam criminals become more aggressive and sophisticated. Businesses are facing greater financial and reputational risk than ever before, especially when carrying out transactions with third parties.

To add to this burden, tightening regulations and growing demands by customers for integrity are placing greater demands on organisations to monitor and report suspicious activities.

While a lot of scams occur to individuals, Satori can help your organisation or business to prevent fraud or any loss of cash, learn about our Solution SatoriFCM Financial Crime Management