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Accounts Payable Transactions

Automated monitoring of Accounts Payable transactions and Master File data provides 100% assurance and transparency to senior executives and company boards that risks are being managed effectively. 

Errors and Fraud in your Accounts Payable process typically result in annual losses of 1% – 5% of revenue

Our many years of automated monitoring experience have proven that companies can lose between 1%-5% of annual revenue due to errors and fraud across their accounts payable processes. Whilst Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can provide many of the needed business controls, these are often inadequate or poorly implemented and do not provide the assurance required for governance, risk, business insight, or peace of mind. Through automated monitoring of all accounts payable transactions and controls, significant cost savings and compliance can be achieved. 

Address exceptions in a timely manner 

Accounts payable monitoring with Satori’s Solution ensures exceptions are addressed in a timely manner, daily, weekly or monthly. Exceptions that are presented to the business due to an annual review may not be relevant at the time of reporting, making it too late to take meaningful action. 

Rather than following up on a potential incorrect payment that happened months ago, Satori allows you to identify errors and fraud as they happen. This allows you to detect the root cause of errors immediately and dramatically improves your chances of remediation. 

How it works

Satori automatically monitors Accounts Payable risks within an organisation on a daily basis across multiple disparate data sources including the ERP. Potential exceptions identified can then be highlighted and investigated to ensure minimal loss to the organisation. This provides 100% assurance to the board that these risks are being managed effectively. 

Sample Accounts Payable risks monitored: 

  • Duplicate invoices – Avoid multiple combinations and fuzzy logic 
  • GST amount validation 
  • Open credits  
  • PO date after invoice date 
  • Supplier bank account changes 
  • Supplier ABN and GST registration 

Greater Assurance

Satori provides management with greater visibility of what Accounts Payable departments and teams are doing to resolve and remediate issues that have been raised. 

Our customisable case management and workflow engine is a key differentiator to standard exception reporting, providing managers with greater assurance that potential risks are being addressed.   

What’s included in Satori’s Solution

Quarterly Reports

High-level system performance and identification of areas for control, policy or process improvement summary


The Satori solution includes server, software, installation, and maintenance of software.


Implementation of initial tests with configuration of your workflow and visualisation.

User Training & Management

Best practice end-user training to close exceptions and operation of the solution.

Daily Health & Admin

Satori’s experts act as a System Admin Manager and provide daily health checks on your server and data loads.

Ongoing Refinements

We work with you on an ongoing basis to refine your tests, ensuring the exceptions are delivering the required outcome.

Executive Dashboards

A realtime overview of what exceptions have occurred, what has been followed up and what is potentially overdue.

Additional Tests

We work with you on data quality improvements and new tests to increase coverage or cover gaps on controls.

Local Support

The Satori Customer Success and Support team are APAC based providing support even through holiday seasons.

Satori for every Accounts Payable scenario


  • Duplicate invoices using multiple combinations 
  • Open invoices 
  • Open credits – Credits not set off against future supplier invoices can sit in the system for months or years and potentially never be recovered 
  • Unusual invoice processing activity  
  • Potential false invoices 
  • Segregation of duty checks 


  • GST/VAT discrepancies  
  • Invoices with GST/VAT for vendors not registered  
  • Invoices with no GST/VAT for vendors correctly registered  

Vendor Master

  • Duplicate vendors using multiple combinations 
  • Missing/incorrect vendor info 
  • Incorrect vendor registration details 
  • Dormant vendors 
  • One-time vendors 

Purchase Orders

  • Purchase limits check 
  • Split Pos 
  • Unauthorised POs 
  • PO date after invoice date 
  • Two/three-way matching 
  • Segregation of duty checks 

“The Satori Solution was developed to create corporate cultures where the rules are being implemented…to change people's behaviour to being mindful with a company’s money and setting a tone of integrity for any organisation”

Gavin SteinbergCEO


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“I would recommend the Satori tool to any organisation that wants to be on top of their game by having the ability to be warned and protected 24/7 *365 days a year. 100% testing run daily on high-risk assertions wouldn’t be possible without this tool doing its magic in the background.”

Yuliya Gultekin - Manager Audit and Assurance, Risk and Assurance TeamWaka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency

“Satori takes our data, puts it through their magical system, and presents it back to us in an actionable format.”

Principal Fraud and Corruption ControlGovernment Utilities

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