The Satori Approach

Enlightened Business Monitoring

A pure focus on artificial intelligence and automated transaction monitoring and expertise in its application across all industries, we are the transaction monitoring specialists. 

More than just exception reporting

Satori’s fully automated, AI-driven solution alerts users when an exception has occurred. But we don’t stop at reporting exceptions. 

Every business control monitoring solution has a unique workflow that manages the exceptions to ensure they are followed up in a timely manner. This ensures there’s an action, and root cause allocated to each closed exception.

We risk rate and prioritise the exceptions to give your management team a real-time dashboard that provides good visibility. This capability underpins our business improvement principles and is built as a default into our service. 

Why Satori

CCM Experts

Transaction Monitoring Specialists  

As the only company with a pure focus and experience in automated, AI-driven transaction monitoring, our specialty is showing the truth of the transaction, as well as the systems, processes and controls that enable it. 

When Satori shines a light through your entire organisation, every transaction in your business is wrapped in certainty. This is enlightened transaction monitoring in action, making insight, certainty, and confidence your business as usual. 

With clearer insights leading to smarter decisions and optimal performance – we provide certainty and peace of mind in a complex world. 

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

We’re the only organisation that leverages AI, automates and continuously optimises daily monitoring, in near real time, allowing you to resolve exceptions as they arise.

We work with you to continually refine your tests to ensure the most relevant exceptions are identified. This allows our solutions to evolve and update in line with the nature of your business.

100% Re-assurance

100% Assurance

Our automated, AI-driven, daily monitoring delivers near-real-time visibility with the assurance that all issues are resolved before they impact your business. 

This delivers full control across your entire organisation, alerting users when an exception has occurred, across:  

Our Approach

Seamless Delivery

Through an experienced team of experts

At Satori we deliver a smooth and seamless implementation to ensure you receive the most effective business outcomes.  

We provide guidance and advice on where to start and how best to implement continuous monitoring in your business. We know you’ll have different departments and teams involved in your implementation, so we ensure the entire process is collaborative and supportive. 

We have a culture of responsiveness and working in partnership with our customers. Throughout your entire customer journey and experience with us, your business and users will be fully supported by our responsive and agile local Customer Success team. You will enjoy a professional and efficient approach to the implementation and ongoing use of the Satori Platform.

Seamless Delivery
Your Data

Your Data

It’s the critical component of every business

Due to our expertise in continuous monitoring, we can take data from almost any data source – typically your ERP, Payroll, Master Data, or internal sources like Active Directory or Microsoft Excel, but also third-party data sources where required. 

Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Giving you clear insight for smarter decision making

We have an extensive library of pre-built analytics, which we can adjust to suit your business. This has immediate productivity benefits because you can look at multiple exceptions at the same time.

Critical to the success of any deployment is getting the balance between highlighting material exceptions and not overwhelming the business with false positives or low-value results. 

We work in consultation with you on an ongoing basis, with insights guided by our Artificial Intelligence engine, that ensure your results remain relevant, your return on investment is maximised faster and your investment in Satori is continually optimised. 

Analytics with Satori

Your complete satisfaction and happiness is our No.1 priority

Throughout our engagement with you, our team places a high priority on communication and consultation with your management and end users.

An agile approach is taken to project delivery, so that minor issues do not impact the delivery and required outcomes of the project. This includes hitting your deadlines and leading from the front at all times. 

To ensure this process happens smoothly and effectively, and delivers maximum business value with minimal disruption to your business as usual, an established and structured Satori team is in place through the entire engagement.

Satori Customer MMG Mining

“I would recommend Satori to any organisation that wants to be on top of their game by having the ability to be warned and protected 24/7 *365 days a year. 100% testing run daily on high-risk assertions wouldn’t be possible without this tool doing its magic in the background.”

Yuliya Gultekin - Manager Audit and Assurance, Risk and Assurance TeamWaka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency

“Satori takes our data, puts it through their magical system, and presents it back to us in an actionable format.”

Principal Fraud and Corruption ControlGovernment Utilities

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