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Continuous Control Monitoring is the only way to have an ongoing check and balance on the transactions that happen in your business every day. From credit card purchases to new hires.

What’s unique about SatoriCCM is its ability to refine the exceptions in your data to those that are most likely genuine exceptions and those that have the highest payoff value if corrected. It also includes a workflow to manage the correction of exceptions, to ensure that the root cause of the cracks in processes, policies or procedures are fixed.

Imagine if you never had to spend time or money in recovery mode? That is one of the benefits of the fully fledged SatoriCCM Solution.

Why is Continuous Control Monitoring better than what you are currently doing?

With annual or manual audits, the opportunities to miss exceptions are ample. There is also the issue of not being able to see the woods for the trees, with one audit, an external audit, a manual audit, or even a human audit, the number of data exceptions in the average business would create an overwhelming amount of work, impacting business as usual operations.

SatoriCCM becomes part of business as usual. It is also priced to be cheaper than hiring a full-time internal audit or accounting team member. It is automated and has capabilities beyond those humanly possible, leveraging fuzzy logic and robotics to catch out likely exceptions and fraud.

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised that they get return on their investment with SatoriCCM by running tests on historical data and recovering lost cash, before they launch, usually leaked by paying duplicate invoices, this is more common than most would ever admit.

SatoriCCM – Continuous Control Monitoring can process data from any source for any business area, accounts payable, credit cards, payroll, vendors, employees and more. To learn more about the capabilities of CCM we encourage you to take a look at this online resource, filled with CCM Information in any format you prefer, scan the page, read the e-books or watch the videos.