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Satori, the market-leading provider in automated transaction monitoring, has partnered with Australian-owned credit reporting bureau, CreditorWatch, to offer its customers the most comprehensive and timely insight into vendor risk profiles.

CreditorWatch, with over 50,000 customers across Australia, provides credit and financial risk information, digitised financials, credit scoring and modelling, and API-driven data delivery. Combining CreditorWatch’s data insights with Satori’s continuous monitoring of its customer’s transactions, Satori will ensure that its clients’ supplier risks are highlighted in an efficient manner.

“Our partnership with CreditorWatch ensures that our transaction and continuous control monitoring solutions draw in the most accurate and timely data to protect our customers from the many varied risks they face,” said Gavin Steinberg, CEO of Satori.

Satori’s solution covers control monitoring, vendor risk, financial governance, compliance, conflict of interest, and financial crime management. The solution functions continuously, with workflows to provide the highest level of assurance to its more than 200 APAC organisations.

“CreditorWatch will enable Satori’s customers to continuously perform health checks on any Australian business and identify adverse information, including registered defaults, court actions, insolvency notices, director changes, and changes in risk rating. Combined with our ongoing monitoring of their transactions and other key risk indicators, allows us to provide the greatest level of assurance for managing vendor risk,” said Steinberg.

Patrick Coghlan, CEO of CreditorWatch, is pleased about the partnership with Satori.
“Satori is a premier customer for CreditorWatch. My team is looking forward to supporting Satori as they embed their global growth strategies, underpinned by our data and solutions,” said Coghlan.

Satori, which means “enlightenment,” has over two decades of experience and a global customer list served by a network of APAC regional offices in Australia, & New Zealand.
For more information about Satori and its partnership with CreditorWatch please use the contacts below.


Megan Greig
Head of Marketing | Satori
[email protected]

Mitchy Koper
GM Communications & Marketing I CreditorWatch
Phone: 041 777 1778
Email: [email protected]

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