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Revolutionising Financial Assurance for Local Government Professionals

In the ever-evolving landscape of local government, financial assurance is of paramount importance. With the increasing complexities and risks associated with managing budgets, vendor relationships, and compliance, local government authorities (LGAS) require a robust and intelligent solution. Enter Satori, an automated and independent assurance process that ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of policies, procedures, system controls, and cross-system checks. In this blog post, we will explore how Satori addresses the unique needs of local government professionals, offering a comprehensive solution for financial assurance.

Continuous Control Monitoring:
Satori’s core focus lies in providing automated and independent financial assurance through Continuous Controls Monitoring. This powerful feature offers real-time monitoring of key corporate processes, including Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Procurement, and Conflict of Interest. By constantly evaluating the policies, processes, procedures, and controls, Satori ensures they are operating effectively and efficiently, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

Tailored Solutions for LGAs:
Satori’s offering to Local Government Authorities is unique, with control test rules, exception management methodologies, and comprehensive managed services designed specifically for the LG sector. Whether it’s Vendor Risk Management, Payment Times Reporting, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Sanction Screening, Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Account Validation, or Conflict of Interest oversight, Satori provides the necessary tools to achieve total financial assurance in the modern world.

Proven Track Record:
With over 200 organisations as customers, including prominent LGAs like the City of Melbourne, Auckland City Council, City of Melton, Parramatta City Council and City of Stonnington, Satori has established a solid reputation for delivering results. Its wealth of experience is evident in the modules of control tests that cover critical corporate processes. By implementing Satori, LGAs can ensure clean, accurate, and complete master files, prevent erroneous payments, improve process efficiency, reduce fraud and mistakes, and achieve a healthy return on investment.

Real-Time Assurance:
Satori operates around the clock, monitoring transactions, data, and processes in near real-time. This continuous monitoring allows LGA professionals to detect and address issues as they arise, before they have a detrimental effect on the organisation. By promptly alerting customers to potential problems, Satori empowers LGAs to take corrective action swiftly, safeguarding financial integrity and maintaining public trust.

In the world of local government, financial assurance is a critical component of effective governance. Satori offers local government professionals a comprehensive and intelligent solution for achieving total financial assurance. With its focus on Continuous Controls Monitoring, tailored solutions for LGAs, a proven track record, and real-time assurance capabilities, Satori empowers local government entities to navigate the complexities of financial management with confidence and peace of mind. Embrace Satori and ensure a future of financial integrity and success for your organisation.

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