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Closing the Control Gaps:  Ensuring Organisational Resilience

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Closing the Control Gaps: Ensuring Organisational Resilience

Gaps in controls exist in every organisation which can manifest in errors, compliance breaches, and even fraud. Nobody is immune!

There are two possible responses to this: acknowledge the issue or ignore it.
What is your organisation’s response?

Watch “Closing the Control Gaps: Ensuring Organisational Resilience”, and discover how to identify and address gaps in controls within your organisation using an automated, data driven approach – namely, Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM).

The webinar is designed to empower you with valuable insights and strategies where our expert panel will take you through a case study of a Satori customer, highlighting:

1/ What issues are typically picked up through Continuous Control Monitoring;
2/ The root causes for any identified issues; and
3/ How they get addressedWhether you are an executive, manager, auditor, or compliance professional, this webinar is a must-watch for those committed to strengthening their organisation’s control environment.
Become a catalyst for change and ensure your organisation is on the path to organisational resilience.Are you ready to close the gap?
Ensuring Organisational Resilience

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