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This SatoriCCM audit management solution customer is a government agency responsible for providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the air transport industry.  They have international partnerships with the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, and the International Air Transport Association, as well as working closely with the Australian Defence Force.


Realising the limitations that a manual work-paper system presented, and having had prior experience with an electronic audit management solution and its benefits, the agency were keen to find something automated and continuous. The Audit team worked with Satori consultants to champion the implementation of the SatoriCCM audit management solution.


Heading into the project, the agency had a series of goals it wished to achieve.  At the top of the list was the need to provide a common platform for the auditing team, so that methodology and action was consistent. Secondly, they needed a solution which offered more effective oversight of audits and enhanced quality through timely and continuous feedback throughout the audit process.  The customer strongly agrees that both of these main goals were successfully achieved. “Satori is driving a standard methodology, visibility of work, and more timely reviews by managers – resulting in greater teamwork and overall quality of work”.  Furthermore, in an internal feedback survey,  staff all agreed that SatoriCCM provides an effective oversight of audits and enhanced quality through timely feedback.

“Using SatoriCCM allows us to demonstrate our commitment to better practice auditing and achieving an efficient and effective audit service for the organisation. A standard process which incorporates risk assessments in all audits has greatly improved the quality of our audits and therefore value-add back to the business.  All audit staff are consistently using it and it really has streamlined our whole audit process”.

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